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Friday 3rd April



Happy Friday 4W! 


Can't believe this is my last post before the Easter holidays. I wanted to say that I feel like the proudest teacher right now. I'm amazed by how hard you've been working at home and how independent you're being. Thank you to your parents too for all of their support and for doing a brilliant job. I also wanted to say thank you for sending in your work for me to see and for your kind emails. It all puts a big smile on my face and sometimes a tear or two of joy. It's been so nice to see you emailing each other on purple mash as I know you must be missing each other and although I wont be posting any messages or work during the Easter break, you can still continue to email each other.


My challenge for you today, is to create an Easter card. Follow the links below for some ideas. 





I hope you all have a lovely Easter. It's meant to be really warm this weekend so try to make the most of the great weather. Stay safe, keep smiling, enjoy your family time and remember to be very proud of yourselves. 


Take care 


Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett


Thought you might like these pictures...










Thursday 2nd April


Quote for the day



Morning 4W,


Thank you for sharing your work with me. I received lots of lovely emails yesterday that put a big smile on my face. I'm so proud of the amazing work you're all doing at home and how independent you're being.


If you haven't already, then follow the link above to take a look at the Ascot art work and vote for one from each age category. We've done so well as a school as there were over 700 entries and lots of our work has made it through. A big well done to everyone for entering.  Please email me on purple mash if yours has been shortlisted as they have covered the names up. This got me thinking about art yesterday so today's challenge if you wish to accept it is to have some fun with art today. It's up to you what you do... Paint a picture, sketch something outside. If you want some ideas then this you tube channel is great. 


Have fun! Oh before I go, there's some breaking news from Mrs Tomes so check out her videos on the reception class page. 


Mrs Puckett and I are missing you all lots.


Miss Wallbanks








Wednesday 1st April

Quote of the day!




Happy Wednesday 4W! Can’t believe it’s the 1st of April. I’ve been going for a walk everyday and thought you’d like to see some of the signs of spring I spotted. I also saw a lovely Rainbow which I thought you’d like to see.





The author Kerry Gibb, who came into school in March, has written a short story to entertain children during their time at home. It’s a spin off from her ‘It’s a kid’s life’ series. Follow this link to read it.


Kerry has also invited you to write your own ending if you would like to. Once you’ve done this, you can take a photo of it and send to She will put some of the stories she receives on her website for other people to see too! This is a great opportunity to share your writing but you might just want to write the ending for yourself and send to me via the office. It's up to you. If you'd rather not do that, then you could read Chapter 1 from her story and send a video of you doing this via the office. All of these ideas are optional so please don't feel like you have to. 


Her message to you all is…“You may be stuck inside, but your imagination is as free as a bird, so let it fly!”

This is the link to her website with more details.


Have fun today and remember to try to read a little everyday. 


Miss Wallbanks







Tuesday 31st March


Quote of the day




Morning 4W! I'm so pleased to see that you've been completing some of the activities on the new timetable already. Well done! I've also sent you all an email on purple mash so if you haven't already then please take a look. I did the Joe Wicks workout yesterday, a run and some yoga so feeling a little tired today! If you'd like to do some yoga too, remember there's always the cosmic kids yoga we do in school and five a day   I really miss doing that with you all in school. Hope you have a good day everyone. 


Miss Wallbanks




Monday 30th March


Quote of the day




Morning 4W!


Hope you all liked my daily quote. As you start your second week of home learning, I wanted to say how incredibly proud I am of each and everyone of you for working so hard at home. Please tell your parents and carers that they are doing an amazing job too. I am missing you all lots and thank you so much for sending your work into the office. It's been lovely to see what you've been up to at home. I'm hoping the weather will stay nice for you this week so you can continue to do some learning outside when you can.


I have attached a new weekly timetable below and the resources you will need. Please do not worry if you do not complete all activities. Remember that the main thing is to enjoy your family time, have fun, keep smiling and enjoy the outdoors when you can, It's all learning! Why not try one of the activities from the outdoor learning powerpoint I have attached. There are lots for you to choose from. Have a lovely day 4W. Remember... be proud of yourselves, you're doing an amazing job!


Miss Wallbanks


Friday 27th March

Quote of the day




Morning 4W,


Did any of you take part in the NHS applause last night? I took part and it felt really good to say a huge thank you to all of our doctors, nurses, carers and all that work for the National Health Service.


 I was in school yesterday with Mrs O’Neill and it was so strange not to see your smiling faces greeting me at the door. I’m missing you all lots. Well done for your fabulous Spring pictures. They really put a big smile on my face. I love Spring. It has to be my favourite season! Also well done for your amazing art pictures. I’m so pleased you enjoyed that activity and thank you for sending your finish creations into the office. I have set up a folder of your signs of spring and art pictures below so please do take a look at each other’s work.  There is also a certificate folder so have a look to see if you have achieved one.

When I was at school yesterday, Mrs O’Neill and I decided to spread a bit of happiness by drawing our own happy pictures using drawing chalk.






 We then got talking about a challenge set up by Mrs Van- Someren which I know you will all love. Read her message below and try to be part of the HAPPINESS TREASURE HUNT- (Remember you must ask your parents/ carers first) Go on… spread that happiness!


The Happiness Treasure Hunt #HTH

A message from Mrs Van Someren,

Anyone can take part in the happiness treasure hunt and anyone can start their own. All you need is washable pavement chalk and your imagination. Ideally the art should be small and difficult to find- hence the treasure hunt. Please respect your community and the environment. If you want to take part, remember to ask your parents/ carers if you can first. If you find some treasure, ask your parents/ carers to post the picture on facebook- ‘Happiness Treasure Hunt’ or Instagram ‘The Happiness Advantage.   Have fun!


I know how much you must be missing your friends at the moment and I think this next challenge will put a smile on their faces. Ask your parents/ carers to take a picture of you enjoying the natural world and send it to a friend along with a message telling them what you have been up to during your first week and ask them some questions about their week. This is sure to put a smile on their face. You could send the picture and message as a postcard, email, typed or handwritten letter. Let’s spread happiness and kindness.


Have a wonderful weekend with your families. Enjoy the weather, stay safe and have fun!


Miss Wallbanks















Thursday 26th March

Quote of the day




Morning 4W! I'm missing you all lots! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. Today's challenge will take you outside again to make the most of the lovely weather. Can you spot signs of Spring? Go into the garden or an outdoor space or for a walk if you can and take photos of any signs you see. Please send the pictures into the office as I'd like to see them. 


Also there is Story time with David Walliams at 11am today if you would like to listen in - click on link below. 


Remember there is a weekly timetable with suggestions attached below. Please don't feel like to have to do everything. 


Have a good day, keep smiling and keep up the hard work!

You're all amazing!


Miss Wallbanks





Wednesday 25th March

Quote of the day






Good morning everyone! What a lovely day again. Hope you had a good day yesterday and are ready for today’s challenge.  You all know how much I love dogs so I really enjoyed this challenge. Can you follow  this link and have a go at drawing with world book day illustrator Rob Biddulph. Have a look below to see mine and Mrs Neale’s creations. Have fun and if you’d like to, please send your pictures into the office so I can have a look. Remember to try and complete some more activities from the weekly timetable and I’ve added some more ideas like the ‘Lego challenge’

Also you can use this link to take virtual tours of some exciting museums and other cool places:


Have fun today 4W!








Tuesday 24th March



Morning 4W! It's another beautiful day today and a good opportunity to have a go at more of the outdoor learning activities on the weekly timetable below. I'm just about to start the Joe Wicks workout. Hope you're enjoying them. It's a fantastic way to start the day. I can see that lots of you have completed the purple mash activity and mathletics tasks I have set so well done. Remember- You can use your times tables rock stars login to get onto NUMBOTS. Lots of you went on bug club yesterday so really well done ( I am checking!) the bug needs to be clicked and answered so I see how well you are doing (it is green and on random pages in the book).


Why not try to..

Challenge yourself to do a simple exercise for two minutes. Perhaps star jumps, burpees, sit ups, press-ups, jumping jacks, skipping with a rope etc

Ask someone to count and record the number you manage.

Do this daily to see if your score improves.


Have a great day!


Miss Wallbanks


Dear class 4 children and parents, 

With the announcement of school closures until further notice, I have set work for you to access online. Your logins are inside your homework book and below are links to the sites with current tasks already set. I will use this page to post a suggested weekly timetable. (Please scroll down to access). You can record any written work in your homework or thinking book so you can share your home learning with friends when we return back to school. 



Bug Club has been updated with your child's current book band level.  Please can you answer the questions on each bug as I will be reviewing the results! Read newspapers, watch CBBC Newsround (there are 5 minute round-ups daily) and ask questions! 



 Garage Room- Please try to practise in here as much as you can. I have set certain times tables for you.

Studio Room-  This is where you play to try and record your best performance and improve your rock status. Your challenge on here is to answer all times tables up to 12 x 12 

Arena- This is a bit like the garage room where tables are set for you individually. The difference is you get to play against other band-mates and challenge each other. 

Festival- This is a multiplayer version of studio


Have fun rock stars and don't forget to challenge me!




If you wish to, you can also access NUMBOTS maths website using your times tables rock stars login. Just enter the school's postcode or name then your rock star login. Have fun! 


Mathletics and spellodrome 

I have set some fraction work for you.


If you wish, you can play spelling games on spellodrome. 


Purple Mash- 

Create a poster reminding people to take care of the environment.


If you wish to...


Click on the calculator below and scroll down to Year 4 to access more online maths practice if you would like to. Please do not feel like you have to do all activities.



Have fun, stay safe and carry on learning!


Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett