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Senora Boyd was teaching you to talk about the weather in Spanish. Use the video below if you can't remember all the vocabulary. This video includes some extra vocabulary that Senora Boyd didn't teach you so don't worry if it is a bit new. Then have a go at some at the activities below. I am going to set some more Spanish activities tomorrow too! 

Now that you've reminded yourself of how to speak about the weather in Spanish I'd like you to have a go at this activity. You can either use the sheet (but you will need a printer) and cut and stick to complete. If you don't have a printer or don't want to cut and stick, use my PowerPoint document. For both versions, you need to select a type of weather and put it on the map. After you have completed your map, you need to write sentences about the weather in each location. There are 8 map locations and 10 types of weather so you could end up with 2 types of weather in a few places. 


Here is a reminder of what a sentence might look like: 


If it was sunny in the north, you would write... 

En el nord hace sol. 


If it was raining in the south-east, you would write... 

En surest llueve. 


Then have a go at the crossword.