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James recommends 'Fing' by David Walliams.

My favourite book was Fing because it was the funniest 😆 

It was my type of book 📖 because it was also very exciting.

My favourite bit was when Mr Meek inflated Fing so it looked like a hot air balloon 🎈 

Matthew recommends 'Sea Quest' by Adam Blade

I’ve loved reading the Sea Quest books by Adam Blade. They are full of action and I haven’t been able to put them down! I’m looking forward to reading the next series.

Charan recommends 'The Naughtiest Girl Again' by Enid Blyton 🔰

I like this book because it is funny and interesting. I found it funny when Kathleen put Jenny's mice under the teachers chair and scared her.   No ideas Class 3 for when we come back hey!

Owen recommends ALL the Beast Quest Books

I like Beast Quest because it makes me feel like a good reader. And the chapters are full of exciting adventures that is so fun to read.