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Pixar in a Box

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Which is your favourite Pixar film?


My favourite is Monsters Inc. I can vividly remember that this was the first DVD I ever got as a child! And it was the first DVD we ever played in my house! It wasn't even on a proper DVD player! It was a DVD drive on a computer so I had to sit on an uncomfortable, swivelling office chair to watch it! But nevertheless it was great and that was just the beginning of DVDs! 


Pixar are great at telling stories. Just think about some of them.... Up, Finding Nemo, Wall-E....


Follow the link below for some story telling lessons. There are 6 different sections for you to work through.

1.  We are all storytellers

2. Character 

3. Story structure 

4. Visual language 

5. Film grammar

6. Pitching and feedback


In each section, there are videos for you to watch and activities too.