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Monday welcome and Aker introduces the week

Handwriting Robot Letters m b p

Today's story is Aker's favourite!

Welcome to Monday 8th February


9am Do join Joe Wicks for his morning work out.


Welcome video above.

Join Aker to learn about the topic for this week. Below is a link for the sequencing game that Aker teaches you how to play.



Complete the /igh/ powerpoint below to help embed this new sound.



Do the warm up and learn how to write letters m b and p. You will need a whiteboard and pen for this lesson.



Watch the White Rose lesson Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 1 Session 1 

Composition of 6



Listen to Aker's favourite story on the video clip above.


Arts and Crafts

Use the template below to make a dragon mask.


Can you make a dragon out of junk modelling? Egg boxes are a great place to are some ideas to give you inspiration.