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Monday welcome and phonics

Handwriting week 5

Transport story and activity time

Welcome to Monday 1st February


This week we are moving on from looking at Space to thinking about other forms of transport. 


9am: Do join Joe Wicks for his Monday morning PE session


Monday welcome and phonics

In the video clip above we read together some /ee/ words.

In your green books can you draw a picture of your favourite form of transport....a train, a car, a bike, a scooter, a helicopter etc.

Can you write underneath, 'I can see a ....'

Talk about the /ee/ sound in 'see'.



Get your whiteboards, pens and rubber ready to join in the handwriting session.



Even if you don't manage to watch the videos this week it would be good to try the activity sheets with your child and discuss the ideas. Today they are comparing the weight of different items, can you find some 'light' and 'heavy' objects in your house. Which is heaviest? Which is lightest? Are the biggest objects always the heaviest?


Listen to the train story above.

Choose one of the following activities

1. Draw a picture of the train with the different animals on it. Talk about your picture and where the animals are going.

2. Set up a train using cushions and chairs. Can you be the train driver? Can you find animals in the house who want to come on your train. What could they say to persuade you to let them join your train?

3. Build a train track with your train set. Can you find animals and re-tell the story you have just heard?


Fruit and Vegetable vehicles

Can you make a train, car, boat using fruit and vegetables?

Do you like the 'Carrot racing car'?


Tomato boats


Banana cars


Send me a photo of your completed model.