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Welcome and phonics

What did you do in the snow yesterday?Learn our new phonics sound /ai/.

Handwriting session- week 4

You will need whiteboards, pens and rubbers

Monday's Space Story

Welcome to Monday


Do watch our welcome session and phonics video above as we are learning a new sound today. Do send any 'snowy' photos and we will make a gallery of the 'snow day fun'!

Can you write in your 'special books' about your snow day? What did you do? Can you draw a picture?


Our new sound is /ai/. If your child enjoys alphablocks there is a link below to their bbciplayer episode of this sound.


In our handwriting session today, we are learning to write ladder letters, 'j', 'y' and 'u'.


Watch the Maths video, Composition of numbers to 5. See the link below.



Our theme this week is 'Space'.

Listen to the story above.

Can you make a rocket like the bear does?

Follow Mrs Free's powerpoint below to help you create a rocket.

Where would you go if you made a rocket?

To the moon? Or to one of the planets? Which planet would you choose?