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Monday 15 November



I am attaching a mystery puzzle to find out who stole the missing pirate treasure! We have used these puzzles before in Maths but this one focuses on spelling, punctuation and grammar. 


As you work through it, remember that a prefix goes at the start of the word to change its meaning (for example,  inter + national = international) and a suffix goes at the end (adding - ly to make an adverb as we have studied in class, sad + ly = sadly).  If you would like a reminder on word classes (noun, verb, adjective and adverb), you might find the Oak Academy video below helpful.



I have added some maths mats below. These have a variety of questions including place value, addition, fractions, time and division.  Choose how much of a challenge you would like - Bronze, Silver or Gold. You only need to do one mat not all three!


There is no need to print them out. You can write your answers on a piece of paper if you clearly mark it with the mat and question number you are answering.



Watch the video on the human skeleton, research the skeleton using the DK Find Out link and then have a go at the labelling activity. I have attached the answers should you get stuck. If you would like, you could have a go at drawing a skeleton and then labelling it instead!