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Welcome and handwriting x and z

Monday Maths

What's in your bucket?

Welcome to Monday


Do start the day by joining Joe Wicks for his morning work out.


Watch the welcome video above and join in the handwriting session.

You will need to have a whiteboard, pen and rubber.



Watch the Maths video above.

If you have a dice and some cubes, build some towers of different heights.



This week we are reading books from 'Harry and the Dinosaurs' series.

The first one is above.

Then guess what Mrs Tomes keeps in her bucket and draw a picture of what you would like to keep in your bucket!

In your special books write a sentence, 'In my bucket is .......'

Using the sheet that was delivered last week draw a picture of what you would keep in your bucket.


Understanding the World.

(Adults: This can be done outside).

You need a bowl half fill it with water, like in this picture.

Challenge 1:

You need to find something that will float in the bowl of water....I thought my dinosaur would, but he sunk!

This object floated....a table tennis ball.

Challenge 2:

Can you get the dinosaur/floating obejct to the top of the bucket without using your hands

Adult hint:

Encourage your child to add other objects that sink to the more objects are added the water level and the floating object/dinosaur will rise.