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Friday welcome

Phonics With Mrs Tomes more... part 1

Friday numeracy part 2

Welcome to Friday!


We are beginning the day by waking up with Joe Wicks for PE. Please go to his you tube channel to join in his PE session.


Above we have three videos today. So the plan is....


PE Joe Wicks at 9am


General welcome meetings between 9 30 and 10 30 for those who weren't able to join the meetings today.


Welcome Friday video above. We are thinking about the New Year 2021 and New Year's Resolutions. Please encourage your child to think about what they would like to get better at in 2021 and draw a picture in their green book.


Phonics...this is important stuff at the moment! We learnt a new sound yesterday and learning another new sound today. Can you find some objects in the house that begin with /ch/ and /sh/. There is a powerpoint and a worksheet below so that you can work on these important digraphs and embed the learning!! the video and then try hiding some of your favourite toys and seeing if you can work out more.


Art..this Winter weather is soooo cold, do you think it might snow? Can you make a snow globe like below, what could you find that is small that could go in the bottle and enjoy the snow?