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Phonics Lesson

Learning a new sound /igh/.

Harold feels poorly

Welcome to Friday 5th February


** Just a little error on the Sunningdale Trail **

Clue at *7 should say 2nd letter not 1st letter. Sorry!


9am Do join Joe Wicks for his morning workout session.


Join the rest of the school for our Collective Worship with Mrs Griffith and it's time for our Star of the Week! You have all been working so hard and I am so proud of all your work.



There is a video about the new sound /igh/. If your child is struggling with the new sounds please don't worry but maybe a better activity for them is this one on phonics play. There is a link below and it involves matching the word with the picture in pair. Do use any of the games on Phonics play to re-enforce their phonics learning.



Harold is feeling poorly. Watch the video above and then complete the worksheet that was in this week's pack.



Do watch the White Rose video. They talk about making playdough. We have already sent this home as an activity. If you want to try something different here is a recipe for cloud dough


1 cup of cornflour

1/2 cup of cheap hair conditioner

Food colouring


Add in a bowl and use your fingers to mix it all together.

Experiment by adding more cornflour/conditioner until it is a consistency which makes it pliable and easy to use.


Ascot Art Competition

Below is a poster advertising the Ascot Art Competition. If your child is interested in drawing and art do get them to enter the competition. These are the details:



To encourage potential young artists to create pieces of work“Celebrating Royal Ascot”. The winning pieces will be displayed in the Ascot Heath Tunnel for the local community to view and enjoy during Royal Ascot and beyond. This will also  be a great opportunity to promote our local young people and schools whilst ensuring bright welcome for visitors to the course.




  • £1,000 will be awarded to the winning school, per age group category
  • £50 Amazon voucher will be awarded to each winning artist per age group category
  • £25 Amazon Voucher will be awarded to each runner up per age group category




Each entry must be completed on the attached template following the guidelines, also attached.


Ascot Art week