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Welcome to Friday

PSHE with Harold

Harold looks for healthy food in my kitchen....can you find some healthy food in your house?

Welcome to Friday


Friday is a Joe Wicks morning work out for those who still have lots of energy.

Friday is also our school collective worship with Mrs Griffith and our Star of the Week assembly follow the internal link above to watch.


For our phonics activity this morning, can you see if you can find pets, animals or objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet. There is a master sheet below for you to print off to help. Work on learning the letter name as well as the sound!

If you are still working on the 'ch' and 'sh' sounds I have attached a link to the alphablocks episode with these sounds in it, see below.


Also in the home learning packs were ladder letter sheets to practice writing, 'l', 'i' and 't'.


Listen to the author Rod Campbell reading his book, 'Dear Zoo', when the child writes and asks the zoo to send him a pet. (There are lots of great home learning activities on this page).

In your packs was a piece of card with holes on it. You can either draw a picture or use one of the pet pictures you have been sent to make a cage for your pet. You need some string or wool and thread it through the holes to make a cage.




The video above introduces Harold the giraffe who is an important part of our PSHE lessons. Can you draw in your green books your favourite five fruit and vegetables for him. Can you have a go at writing labels.

In your home learning pack was a special sheet from Harold - have a go at completing it. 



Watch the White Rose Home learning videos below and learn about 'Equal and Un-equal groups'.


Arts and Crafts

Can you make some pet puppets using the lollipop sticks and cardboard pets that were in the hand out packs? Maybe you could do a little play with the pets.....what might happen to them? They might get lost? Or maybe they want you to buy them at the pet shop!


Role Play Vets

Your pets have been amazing this week....but sometimes pets get ill or hurt and need to go the vets. Can you set up a vet surgery, find out what is wrong with your pets and work out how to make them better.