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How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth - Instructions to making one

Lesson Plan and Instructions for How to Make your woolly mammoth.


If you don't have any brown tissue paper - use newspaper and you can paint it when you are back in school.  

Have fun! (It is a bit messy - sorry!)

Planning your instructions on How to Wash Your Wooly Mammoth.

Attached is a template for you to plan your writing.


Hook - use rhetorical questions (these are questions that don't need an answer) and you lure the reader in. e.g.  Is your woolly mammoth terribly stinky?  Is your woolly mammoth covered in leaves and splattered in mud?

Ask 2 questions then tell the reader that you need to follow these instruction.


What you need

Use bullet points - choose 4-6 items you need to clean your woolly mammoth (think about your cleaning kit)



Remember to use imperative (bossy verbs).  Fill the bath with warm water!  Deepen the moment with some fantastic adjectives and prepositions. 


Top Tips and Warnings

Can you include one top tip and one warning.


Finally, end your instructions with a final sentence of follow these steps and you will have a glamorous, extremely clean Woolly Mammoth for half an hour at least!  End with a bit of your humour.


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