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El-dorado lessons week 3

El-dorado lesson 15


Today's video's guest author is Kirsty Applebaum. She talks about how she writes in the first person - like a diary - and her latest book 'Troofriend' sounds great!


El-dorado lesson 14


Your task today is to take freeze frames photos and turn these into a film with voice over. You need to have at least one photo per paragraph / diary entry so ideally four, one for each of the four days. You can have more if you want. Watch the video - there are some top tips. Here are the instructions.




El-dorado lesson 13


Your task today is to finish writing your four diary entries. Remember to use the questions from lesson 11 to focus each entry. Your paragraphs should be about 6 sentences long. Try to include some 3 ed sentences. My example is below:


Exhausted, starved, destroyed, I dropped to my knees panting. 


El-dorado lesson 12


Your task today is to look at your notes from yesterday and then write a couple of sentences for each paragraph. You will be fleshing these out (expanding) in tomorrow's session. 


El-dorado lesson 11


Your task today is to plan a diary. The video shows you examples and gives you top tips on how to do this well. 



Remember, this is just a plan so jot down main points under each heading. Pick the most important / interesting parts of each day - we don't need to know what you had for breakfast!