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El-dorado lessons week 5

Eldorado lesson 25


Today's guest author is Tom Huddleston who is a science fiction writer. He writes futuristic stories for ages 9+ about meaningful topics such as climate change. 


Eldorado lesson 24


Today's the day to film your narrative. Tim's video talks about various options for filming your scenes: photos / images, voice over, use of backgrounds. There are lots of tips and examples of apps and programs to use. Take a look! 




Eldorado lesson 23


Today's session is about producing a final edit of your narrative. Tim talks about up-levelling your writing and checking word choices and punctuation by reading out loud. Also, he encourages you to vary your sentence types. I've put the slides of some of the sentence types below to remind you.  









Eldorado lesson 22


Today's lesson is about drafting your narrative, which should contain four paragraphs. Use your plan from yesterday's session. The video is really good today and gives you lots of advice and examples. See the slides below. 






Try to include a position + place, subject + action sentence. The fourth slide is an extra challenge to make your chapter a little gruesome! 


Eldorado lesson 21


This week you're writing a narrative. In today's video, you read chapter 4 and look at what makes it a good narrative. You are then asked to plan your narrative - made up of four paragraphs. Watch the video for more detailed instructions and top tips!