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El-dorado lessons week 4

El-dorado lesson 20


On today's video Tim is joined by authors Caroline Lawrence, who wrote 'Thieves of Ostia', and Cath Howe, who wrote 'Ella on the Outside'. Don't worry too much about the task that's set but listen to the authors talking about how they write their books, what inspires them and how they use different tools to communicate different messages to the reader. A really interesting video!


El-dorado lesson 19


Today's session is your filming day! Watch the video because it has plenty of top tips and example videos too. Make sure you have rehearsed your scenes before you film them, and that you have your script and camera shots plan ready. Have fun!



El-dorado lesson 18


Today's task is to finishing writing your script; you should have scenes 4 and 5 to write. Remember to use your planning from Monday's session but you can change things if you've thought of better ideas. 


There's a second part to do as well if you wish. The challenge is to start planning your shots for each scene to prepare for filming in tomorrow's session.



El-dorado lesson 17


In today's session there's lots of information on how to write a script. Do have a look. I've copied some of the important slides for you below. Your task is to write a script for the first 3 scenes; these are 3 out of the 5 you planned yesterday. 






El-dorado lesson 16


This week you will be writing a script. In this first session, you are asked to make notes on the next 5 paragraphs / scenes in your adventure story. Watch the video because there are some great examples.