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El-dorado lessons week 2

El-dorado lesson 10


In today's video author Helen Peters talks about some of her books - historical novels - and the importance of letters within them. The task set is to write a letter about how you're getting on in lockdown. I would suggest that you think of an older relative who would really appreciate receiving a handwritten letter from you that they could keep. 



El-dorado lesson 9


Today's video is about filming your letter. 



I can't wait to see your videos!


El-dorado lesson 8


Today's video is all about editing the letter that you drafted yesterday. Please ensure you have done the following to improve your writing:


  • used the correct letter structure,
  • used subordinating conjunctions,
  • used fronted adverbials and put commas after them,
  • used expanded noun phrases (2 A sentences),
  • used adventurous vocabulary,
  • read it aloud to yourself,
  • read it aloud to someone else. 


I look forward to reading or watching these. 


El-dorado lesson 7


In today's video you are asked to draft your letter. You are given lots of top tips about letter writing. I've listed a structure for you to follow below.


  • sender's address
  • date you are writing
  • greeting



  • sign off 


Have a go. Make sure you look back at the video and also at the letter from the El-dorado text on p4 to help you. 


El-dorado lesson 6


In today's video you are asked to generate ideas for a letter using the format below.


Introduce Inform Instruct 
Who are you and what are you about?  Why are you writing to the group?  What is your proposal? 


You need to decide who is writing the letter to the agency / group and why.


My idea would centre around William Shakespeare and a lost manuscript - a book that has never been published. The person writing my letter would be a relative of Shakespeare's and they would be writing to the agency because they've just found out that one of the members is a cousin of theirs and therefore also related to Shakespeare. The proposal would be to travel to Stratford-Upon-Avon, find Shakespeare's former home and search for the manuscript, which would be very valuable if found. 


Have a go at writing your own ideas, using the above table to help you structure your ideas.