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El-dorado lessons week 1

El Dorado lesson 5


Hi 4H. The video lesson today was about using metaphor.




Have a go at writing your own to describe your friends and family. The El-dorado presenter suggested that you do the following:

  • Pick a family member or friend
  • List some of their characteristics
  • Create metaphors to help write a description 


El Dorado lesson 3


Hello 4H. I've just watched the next video and your task is to refine your character paragraphs, trying to use  D:D sentence. Now, this is a little tricky so don't worry if you're really not sure about it. I've written an example below to help you. The main thing is that the second clause must give you extra information about the first clause - very tricky! Alternatively, just focus on using some 2A sentences and trying to start your sentences with words other than pronouns (he, she etc). 


He is a serious, intelligent boy: he read broadsheet newspapers daily. 


El Dorado lesson 2


Hi 4H, I've just watched the second video. Your task is to write a paragraph about each of your characters. Within your paragraph, answer the following:

  • What is their name and what is their role in the group?
  • What are they like to work with?
  • What do they do in their spare time?
  • Do they have an special skills?


Include some 2A sentences, for example:


He is an intelligent, serious boy who has a generous, trusting heart.  


I'd love to read some of your paragraphs. Please email them to me . 


El Dorado lesson 1


Hi 4H.


I've just watched the first litfilmfest El Dorado session, have you? Your task is to create your own group. What is the group's name? Is it a detective agency as suggested by the presenter? What is the name of your group and what is their motto? Also, can you find Colombia on a map or in an atlas? 


I have an extra task for you - what could those maps look like that Luis and Solomon had? Create a map. How can you make it look authentic? I think you will need an adult's help to do that.


Have fun! 


Miss H