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Summer Term 2

Harry's bat
Harry's science experiment - fantastic!!
Jack's tadpole has grown into a frog
Jacob enjoying the sunshine
Who else watched the rocket launch?
Jacob's habitat work - desert!
Mehher's hard work on Shang Dynasty
Lily Pond - Heloise
Heloise and Mathilde at Windsor Park
Eloise is a record breaker!
Habitat work
Eloise's hug
Eloise's titanic work
Jacob's cross section
Jacob doing his habitat activity
Jacob's Titanic writing
Ben & his daddy built this amazing Titanic model!
Ernie made foil boats and filled them with coins..
.. to test their strength. Ernie's sank last!
Ernie's habit-hat
Jacob feeding the ducks
Amelie's time and super spelling!
Eloise's polar animal poster
Jacob poster
Orla's ocean day poster - you may find one around!
Samuel nature hunt
Samuel's nature picture :-)
Samuel's magic photo - maddie & greg!
A slow worm in Samuel's garden
Ernie doing Heston Blumenthal's food science!
Amelie & Benoit made a Ascot afternoon tea!
Amelie's Rob Biddulph cat :-)
Joe Wicks wondergirl!!
Eloise's science
Fin's polar habitat
Harry's polar habitat
Harry lost a tooth!
Jack's polar habitat
Even Jack's sister made a habitat! Amazing!
Jacob's polar habitat
Jacob went to see the horses at Royal Ascot
Mehher went to the beach!
Mehher's writing
Aidan's poem
Edie's habitat
Dress for sale! Eloise
Harry life cycle
Harry fact book
Harry fact book
Harry fact book
Harry fact book
Connie the snake
Suit for sale! Jude
Grand staircase - Jude
Happy birthday Mikey!
Jude's habitat
Maya's habitat
Dress for sale! Neive
Neive's maths
Neive's story
Orla's fact book

Take a look at the artwork we are creating at home...

Jacob's Mummy's whale
Jacob's whale
Neive & Bowen's whale
Orla & her mummy's whale
Neive's nature picture from her garden
Inez's eggbox nature challenge!
Xander's Monet picture
Kaleb's purple mash rainbow

Summer Term photos (plus Easter holidays!)

Neive's Mail-a-hug!
Edie's hug
Edie made her own tie dye t-shirt!
Edie's rock painting
Look who went past school on their walk!
Samuel had his question put on live TV - amazing!
Samuel's story map
Jacob's story map
Jude baked this recipe and ate them for a snack
Aidan's foodchain
Harry's Easter fun
Cooling off!
Harry that looks delicious!
Is that Jacob or the Easter Bunny??
Jacob has been patiently waiting for butterflies
Planting seeds
How exciting! Get measuring..
Day/Night BBC bitesize lesson
Neive found a swan nest on her walk
Neive's swan has 5 eggs!!
Yum Ernie!
Ernie collecting & sorting food donations for NHS!
Good to see some maths Ernie :-)
Potion making
Skittle science
Harry's golden goose
Jack's adventures
Jack's life cycle
Jack found a tadpole!
Plant hunt
Jacob's runner beans
Harry's story map
Josh on a plant hunt
Bluebells, whitebells and pinkbells super names!
Amelie's PE circuit
3D shape learning
Bird feed test
Kaleb & Abel in their football kit
Kaleb found a 'smooth newt'
Hedge cutting
Pond dipping
Xander's reading comprehension work
Jacob's butterflies - amazing!
Life cycle of a caterpillar
Mail - a - hug
Mail - a - hug
Josh's hug :-)
Jude celebrating Cpt Tom Moore
Mehher's Oak Academy work - super!
Neive's mail-a-hug
Orla growing celery - very cool!!
Orla is growing crystals
Orla and her sister have grown too!!
Eloise saw ducks and ducklings
Can you spot Eloise's stick insects??
Eloise's VE day menu
Jacob made a bird feeder
Jacob making butter
Cow for sale!
Jacob's nature treasure hunt
Mehher's Postcard from Antarctica
Jacob planting cress
Eloise's tea party for VE day!
VE day
VE day
VE day
VE day
Maya has been growing veg - super learning Maya
PE with Joe
Amelie's camp
Harry's cress
Jack's story map
Jack's new rabbit - T Rex!
Jacob planning his house
Jacob's design
Straw house
3 Little Pigs
Jacob's cress
Neive's writing & super drawing
Neive's cress shells
Neive's cress!
Neive's story map
Eloise doing maths
Super description Eloise
Harry's 3 little pigs
Harry and his brother have found the force!
Lexie reading a book to her little sister
Jacob's descriptive writing
You have grown SO much Jude!!
Jude's brick house
Jude's stick house
Jude's straw house
Aidan's 3 Little Pigs re-tell
Jacob's 3 little pigs re-tell
Jude's 3 Little pigs re-tell
Kaleb's 3 little pigs story map
Neive's 3 Little Pigs re-tell
Orla's 3 little pigs re-tell
Xander's slightly twisted tale!
Aidan working hard on his spellings this week :-)
Amelie's new kitten - Jasper!!
Amelie & Benoit cooling off
Magic science
Jacob the magician
Orla enjoying the paddling pool in this sunshine!

Our home learning photo gallery...

Cathy swimming!
Science experiment - germs
Science experiment - germs
Mother's Day Cake Baking
Joe Wicks
Samuel the artist
Joe Wicks
Harry's spy ninja rap song
Jack's narwhal - brilliant sewing!
Jack's speed boat
Mehher's habitats poster
Orla making music
Jacob's rainbow
Jack's habitat poster