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9th December

Dear Class 3,


This week will be the last week for homework before our Christmas break.   We are looking at the 4 and 8 times table and related division facts.  We are definitely becoming more fluent in this operation.  So a huge well done to you all smiley


Hopefully Forest School won't be a wash-out this Thursday.  Please wrap up warm and bring coat, gloves, scarf and spare shoes/wellies!  



Please spend about 10 minutes per day on the fluency multiplication/division tasks assigned.  I have given your child a worksheet to complete at home - a discussion problem about the x4 tables. 



This week we have been looking at the McDonalds Advert (Inner Child) and looking at inference.  What clues can we find about character, looking at images and the unspoken word through body language and emotions. 


I would like you to look at another advert - 'Give a little love' from Waitrose/John Lewis - link below.


Watch the YouTube video twice and look out for all the hearts that you see.  How many are there?  I spotted 11 hearts - can you find them?  The story is called, 'Give a little love.'  Why do you think this title has been chosen?  What do you consider was the first act of kindness?   I have set a to-do on purple mash to illustrate and write your answers to the questions above.



Spend time on Times Tables Rock Stars in the garage or arena where I have set specific tables for you to practise.  If you want to work on achieving certificates - you will need to go into the Studio Section (but you will have ALL the times tables in there!) 



Please try and read each day.  Can you spot how a character is feeling and provide evidence from the text? 


Have a great week everyone - enjoy the daily advent chocolate :)


Mrs Barnes