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9 March 2022

Hi all,


This week, we are continuing our Ancient Egypt topic by learning about the various Egyptian gods - only a select few as there were around 2,000! We have also conducted a fantastic science experiment to investigate the strength of magnets.  


We will shortly start preparing for the Easter Service. I do not want to reveal too much about our plans but I will be asking each child to learn a few lines of text to recite.  I know some children get nervous speaking to an audience, so please ask them to speak to me if they are at all worried.  Each child's lines should come home with them on Friday and I would be grateful if they could practise them a few times over the weekend as part of their homework.


The weekly homework for this week is below. 


Kind regards

Mrs Pinkerton



We have continued our work on fractions in maths this week.  We have been learning to count fractions on a number line, and to add and subtract fractions.  I have set 4 tasks on Mathletics to consolidate our classroom learning. 


We have discovered complex sentences this week. This involves joining a main clause (which makes sense on its own) and a subordinate clause (which doesn't make sense on its own) using a subordinating conjunction.  There are lots of subordinating conjunctions used in the English language. So far, we have concentrated on AS, IF, WHEN and BECAUSE but have touched on the acronym ' I saw a wabub' to learn some other common subordinating conjunctions (see attached slide).


I have included a worksheet in the children's homework book for completion.  This is also attached here for information.