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8 September 2021

The weekly homework is detailed below. If any of the children cannot recall their Mathletics or Times Table Rockstar login details, please could they speak to me. This homework is due by Monday 13 September.


I hope the children enjoy their first Year 3 homework.  I think they will all be exhausted by the end of this week so have not set too many activities. It is more important that they all have some rest and are ready for next week. Spoiler alert: we will be going into the forest school to try living like stone age people! If any children would like something else to do this weekend, I have now uploaded the termly topic homework onto the main homework page. The first piece is due on Monday 27th September.



I have set two Mathletics activities this week.  These activities look at the place value of each digit in a three-digit number, for example 367 (which represents 3 hundreds: 300, 6 tens: 60 and 7 ones). The children have been working on three-digit numbers this week and these activities complement our class learning.



Spend time on Times Tables Rock Stars in the garage or arena where I have set specific tables for you to practise.



As we are all settling into school this week, I have not set any specific English homework. However, the children will have spellings allocated on Friday (for testing in school the following Friday).