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7th October


Please spend about 10 minutes per day on the Number and Place Value activities set.    This complements the work we are doing in class on Number and Place Value. 



Spend time on Times Tables Rock Stars in the garage or arena where I have set specific tables for you to practise.  If you want to work on achieving certificates - you will need to go into the Studio Section (but you will have ALL the times tables in there!) 



In purple mash the following task has been set as a To Do - What I have learned.   I would like you to research an animal that has been found as a fossil. This is a good link to find out about them.  Draw a picture or upload one and write a few sentences.  Can you think about any of the lenses (what do you notice, time adverbial, precise verbs...)   Please remember to check your writing for the basic punctuation (capital letter and fullstop)



I have set the fourth chapter and online quiz as a to do about The Settlers.  I will give you a week to complete this as I have given science work as well.


Please can your child bring in a clean, empty milk plastic bottle on MONDAY (2 pints or 4 pints) so we can start our new topic of Instructions - How to wash a woolly mammoth!

Spelling for Friday 9th October