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Please complete the 3 mathletics activities set for you online. 



We will now be having weekly spell checks on Fridays - the children have been put into groups so please work on the spellings sent home today.  We would recommend practising in frequent short bursts rather than in one go.  

Please note: the spellings may seem easy this week.  This is because we want them to start off with a sense of achievement whilst we work on developing the spellings routine and daily practise at home.  This is in line with our week's theme on self confidence and self belief - (ask them to explain the fun we had with the confidence balloon!)


Talking Homework/Science:

We are looking at the seasons for the next couple of weeks so please use lockdown to go on plenty of walks and discuss the signs of autumn.  Attached is a scavenger hunt tick list to support any walks you do but there is no obligation to use it or send it back! It is optional! 

How many seasons are there? What are their names? What is lt like in each season? What season are we in now?