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6 July 2022

Hi all,


The sun is due to shine and Wimbledon is on - it can only mean one thing, we are approaching the end of term! We still have a few topics to finish, including the end of our Science topic on light.  Today we had great fun writing messages with mirrors and trying to walk along a path only looking in a mirror above our head. It is much harder than it looks and taught the children that images reflected in mirrors are reversed.  We will be moving onto shadows and I hope the children can make their own sundials while the sun shines. 


I am also hoping that they can spend the last few days of term making a shadow theatre incorporating their own script based on our English book, Journey.  With that in mind, if anyone has an empty cardboard box we could use, please could they send it in.  I am looking for ones that are roughly H30 x W 30 x D 42 - the type used to archive documents would be perfect.  I have 5 but could do with another 5.


The children were (very) pleased to learn that this will be their last homework in year 3! It is English and Maths and is detailed below.


If I don't have a chance to speak to you personally before the end of term, many thanks for all your support over the year.  It has been a pleasure to teach Class 3 and I wish them every success next year.


Best regards

Mrs Pinkerton



This week I would like the children to complete an online reading comprehension on rivers.  It can be accessed at and the children need to enter the access code NZ3592.  The children have used the Twinkl Go system in school so should have some familiarity with it.



This week we have been looking at measuring capacity and volume.  I have sent a sheet home with the children to practise measuring volume of liquids.


I would also like the children to try an online quiz on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.  Again, it can be accessed at but this time with the access code XY0581.