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Welcome to Class 4W 

Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett



Hi 5W! Please come into school in your school uniform on the first day back. Although it would normally be one of our pe days, we will not be doing pe on the first day back

Remember you can email me at...


A message for you from all of the teachers!

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Thank you!

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Our return to school

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Friday 17th July 

Quote of the day 


Happy Friday everyone! So today is our last day of school and our last day as 4W! Wow what a year it has been! Even though it has been a strange one this year, you have all amazed me with your hard work and independence at home. Mrs Puckett and I have loved seeing you back this week and we wish you all a lovely summer holidays. Thank you so much for your lovely gifts- it was very kind of you all. Thank you parents and carers for all of your support and kind words this year.


Remember stay safe everyone, keep smiling and keep being you! We are so incredibly proud of you all. 


Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett 


Monday 13th July

Poems of the day






So the week has finally arrived where we get to see each other again. Today we welcome back fire and earth and on Thursday we welcome back water and air. I won't be posting daily messages this week but there is a folder with a suggested list of activities for your days at home. Whether you're staying at home or coming back, have a lovely week. Stay safe, keep smiling and like Mia says.... Think of what an amazing class we are!


Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett x


Friday 10th July 

Quote of the day 

Happy Friday and only 3 sleeps or 6 until we see each other again! Very exciting! 
just a reminder that it’s... 


Fire and Earth- Monday and Tuesday 


Water and Air- Thursday and Friday 


Thank you to those of you who emailed me questions. Here are some below. 

can I bring in a mask? 
Yes if you would like to and it makes you feel happier then please do. 

Will we have breaks outside? 
Yes we will definitely have breaks and if it’s not raining then we will be outside. We will have one morning break. Lunch will be at 11.30-12.30 and we will also have an afternoon break. For all of our breaks we will stay together as a class bubble, keeping our distance from other classes. 

look forward to seeing you soon! 

Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett x


Thursday 9th July

Poem of the day




Morning everyone! Hope you liked the poem I posted for you. You are all heroes and I'm so proud of you! Today I'm in school getting our classroom ready for next week. Below are some reminders and things to remember for next week. I know we will all want to give each other the biggest hug but unfortunately we can't right now so air hugs will be needed. We need to try and keep 2 metres apart at all times. If you are not returning for two days next week, I won't be posting daily messages on here but will still put up a weekly timetable separated into subjects (not days this time). 


For next week...


Arrive at 8.40 at the Station Road entrance (Please be prompt as there are other classes coming at different times)

  • Wear as much school uniform as you can
  • Please bring back any reading scheme or library books you may have (There will be a box in our classroom or outside the office)
  • Sanitise your hands before entering the classroom (Mrs Puckett and I will be there to help and give you a big air hug!)
  • In the classroom, find your name on your desk and sit down
  • Try to stay seated- you can wave to your friends but we can't move around the classroom 
  • There will be lots of breaks
  • A school packed lunch will be provided (Please do not bring in a packed lunch)
  • There will be a hand washing station with soap and plenty of sanitiser 
  • Pick up time is 3.15 from Station Road exit 


Things to bring

  • A water bottle
  • You can bring your own tissues and sanitiser if you'd like
  • A plastic bag (On Tuesday or Friday) to take your books home in
  • Any medication you may have
  • Your biggest smile and biggest air hug!


I've attached the parent letter about our return below. 

Can't wait to see you and any other questions please email me. 


Before I go, I've attached another video of the water cycle song by Evie! Super rapping !


Have a great day.


Wednesday 8th July

Quote of the day


Morning 4W! Only 5 or 8 days until we see each other again! I was in school yesterday with the key worker children and it was so lovely to see more classes back. I said hello to year 3 who returned this week and it was amazing to see their smiling faces again. I was also getting our classroom ready for next week. There is a video above showing you which entrance we will come in and out of and what our classroom looks like. I will put more information about our return tomorrow. Have a lovely day and keep smiling! 


Miss Wallbanks





Tuesday 7th July

Quote of the day


Morning everyone! Wanted to start by saying how proud I am of each and every one of you! Learning at home for this long is not easy but you are all doing so well and I'm amazed at the excellent work and independence you're showing! It's okay to have days where you're finding it hard to get motivated- we all have those days. All I can ask is that you continue to try your best and keep smiling! 


I am so pleased that you're enjoying the water cycle topic and please keep emailing me your work as I love to see it. How are you getting on with learning the song? Check out Savannah's version below. I think we have a new star in the making! Have a wonderful day and not long until we see each other again!





Monday 6th July

Quote of the day


Morning 4W! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Only one week until Mrs Puckett and I get to see you again which is why I thought the quote of the day was perfect! I will put more information about our two days together later this week so keep checking on here. We're really looking forward to seeing you!


As always there is a new suggested weekly timetable. This week one of your activities is to think of any questions you might have about our return. Please email them to me so I can try and answer as many in a video I'll post on here soon. If you're not returning for the two days then you might have some questions about next year (Year 5).


Today's pe challenge is from Alessia so take a look at the video below. Thank you for your challenge Alessia.  


Speaking of pe, Ashton and his mum are doing a yoga online workshop for charity this Saturday 11th. You can find details of it here

Go to classes/ events and then all workshops. Scroll down to find the session. It's for children aged 4-10 but parents and carers can join in too! 


Have a great day! 


Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett


Friday 3rd July

Quote of the day by Evie


Happy Friday 4W! Only one week until we get to see each other again! I will put more information about this on here next week. Thomas has been learning to play the electric guitar. Below is a video of him playing Deep Purple's - Smoke on the water! Thank you for rocking us out into the Weekend Thomas! 


Have a great day and weekend everyone! 


Stay safe and keep smiling. 


Miss Wallbanks



Thursday 2nd July 

Quote of the day 

Morning 4W! Well done to those of you who have taken part in the rock stars battle. At the moment the girls are in the lead with 1975 points. Boys you’re not far behind with 1327 points. Not many boys have taken part yet so I’m hoping that more of you will. You’ve still got 4 days to get extra points! 
There is a new 500 words writing competition. The closing date is this Friday. Follow this link if you’d like to take part 


Have a great day! 

Wednesday 1st July

Quote of the day by Adya

Morning everyone! So pleased to see you’re enjoying the water cycle topic. I wonder how many of you have learnt the water cycle song yet? Be great to see you singing along to it. Please send me a video if you’d like to. Today’s pe challenge is by Evie. It’s a challenging one! Please see video below.  Only a week and a half until I see you I’m school !  Very exciting! 

Have  a great day 

Tuesday 30th June

Quote of the day 

Morning everyone! Thank you for the lovely photos of you and your work that came through yesterday. They always put a smile on my face! Today’s celebrity supply teacher is Ellie Simmonds teaching geography. 
Below is a pe challenge from Mia. Take a look and see if you’re up for the challenge. Have a great day. 



Monday 29th June

Quote of the day




Wanted to start by saying I am over the moon to be your class teacher again next year!smiley Hope you're all as excited as I am. Thank you for your kind messages on Friday, they really mean a lot. Also there's only two weeks to go until Mrs Puckett and I see you again in school! Not long now and very exciting!


For the next two weeks, we will be looking at the water cycle. I love this topic so hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please check out the water cycle song as it's a great way to remember how the water cycle works. I have set out the suggested weekly timetable into days rather than subjects and hope this helps you when organising your week. You do not have to do all BBC bitesize lessons; I have included the ones I would like you to do on the weekly timetable.


I have set up a battle on times tables rock stars between boys and girls in our class. Let's see who the champions will be. Will it be the girls? Will it be the boys? Have fun!  


Your celebrity supply teachers this week are ...

Monday- Matthew Morrison from 'The Greatest Dancer'- Musical Theatre

Tuesday-Ellie Simmonds Geography

Wednesday-Tim Peake- Science

Thursday-Rachel Shenton- Sign Language 

Friday-End of term review


Jay H has a pe challenge for you to take on if you'd like. Please see the video below. if anyone else has a pe challenge for the class, please email to



Have an amazing day







Parent letter about 2 day return

Water Cycle by Evie

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Savannah's water cycle song!

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Alessia's challenge

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Evie’s challenge

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Jay's PE challenge

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How to not go to school book!

Friday 24th April

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A message from me

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Live PE lessons Mon-Fri 9AM!

    Click on the links below to find fun gardening activities.





Spring 2020


Welcome back to the Spring term of 2020! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and happy new year to you all! 'Eureka' is our topic this term which is science based. We will be focusing on electricity and living things and their habitats. Iron Man will be our core text where we will explore science fiction writing and newspaper reports. In art, we will be studying the work of famous comic book illustrator Jack Kirby who is responsible for the original X-Men and Iron Man illustrations.  Our school value is perseverance which fits nicely with new year resolutions . Please see the curriculum leaflet attached below which will give you are more detailed overview of what will be covered in each subject.




House points can be awarded for good behaviour, effort, attitude to learning, exemplary work and good manners amongst other things.  All points gained will go together with the rest of your house with the aim of being the winning team at the end of the week and receiving 5 minutes extra play.  Good luck teams!


 Outdoor PE lessons will take place on Wednesday afternoon and indoor PE (dance) on a Tuesday morning.  Please ensure that the children have suitable kit in school at all times. 

 In Year 4 there is a greater emphasis on comprehension to prepare the children for upper key stage 2. It is really important that you try to listen to your child read aloud everyday and question them about what they are reading. To make it more fun, you might want to ask them to question you about what you're reading! (You will also find a list of comprehension questions attached to the year 4 page before.)The children are responsible for changing their own reading books and they can do so on any afternoon during the week. You will find a year 4 reading list attached at the bottom of the Year 4 page. 


 English and Maths homework will be given out on a Monday to be returned by the same Friday. Maths homework will alternate between an activity on mathletics one week and a written piece to be completed in your homework book the next week. Optional topic homework will be given out each term where the children can choose from a grid of challenges. Hand in dates for this will be on the topic grid. 


The children will be given a list of words to learn for our weekly spelling challenge which will take place every Friday. Words will be sent out on a Monday to learn ready for the same Friday. These words will be a combination of spelling rules for Year 4 as well as key words from the Year 3 and 4 word list in the National Curriculum.

Break time snacks and lunch boxes
The children can bring in a piece of fresh fruit to each at break time. If you bring a packed lunch to school, please ensure it does not contain crisps or chocolate (including chocolate covered biscuit bars) and absolutely NO NUTS

Please see our uniform page for more information.



If you have any questions, please do come and see me. The end of the day is usually the best time. Thank you for your continued support. 


Miss Wallbanks



Take a closer look at the Y4 curriculum

Spring Curriculum Leaflet front cover

We ran for muscular dystrophy

Parent's information