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4 May 2022

Hi all,


I hope the children all enjoyed film night - they seemed to enjoy the Sonic action. This week we have started learning about the Impressionist artist, Claude Monet.  The children have tried recreating a part of a Monet picture of the Thames using a series of short brushstrokes.  We will be building on our work over the next few weeks and, hopefully, creating a larger piece in the Impressionist style.  In Science, we have been looking at flowering plants and the functions of the various parts of the plant.


The weekly homework is set out below - Maths and English this week.  The first piece of topic homework is also due on Monday.  Thank you to all those children (and parents) who have already sent something in.  I look forward to seeing all the children's creations.


Best regards

Mrs Pinkerton



We have continued to look at time this week, learning the difference between AM and PM and how to tell the time to a minute.  Time is a tricky to grasp so please practise as often as possible at home.  I have set 2 items on Mathletics this week and would also like the children try the attached task on using a calendar.  For the calendar task, the children can write the answers to each question in their pink homework books.  The final question is a fun challenge - the children may need reminding of the rhyme "30 days has September, April, June and November; All the rest have 31 except February, 28 days here or 29 in each leap year." 


Please also continue with daily times tables practise on Times Tables Rockstars of the the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.


In Year 3, we study using apostrophes for contraction (can't, don't etc) and for possession (the dog's bone, the cat's whiskers).  This week, I am setting the children a sheet which looks at both ways of using apostrophes.  A copy is below but there is also a copy in the children's homework books.