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30 March 2022

Hi all,


We have started a new topic this week looking at biographies. As a class, we are writing a biography on the Egyptian pharoah, Hatshepsut.  So far, we have learnt all about her and written our introduction giving some historical context. 


In science, we have started designing a magnetic board game to celebrate finishing our Forces and Magnets topic.  The children have really enjoyed this unit so I am looking forward to building our board games next week.


Swimming has now finished for the term but we will be having PE tomorrow and Friday. Please send the children in PE kit as usual.


The weekly homework for this week is below. 


Kind regards

Mrs Pinkerton



We have continued our work on fractions in maths this week.  We have been learning about tenths and the decimal equivalent 0.1. I was very impressed with how quickly the children grasped this difficult concept.  I have included a sheet in the pink homework books with some further practise. 


We have also started examining equivalent fractions. I have set two tasks on Mathletics to consolidate our classroom learning.  If any children would like a challenge, I have also set two additional problem solving activities on Mathletics relating to fractions. These are optional and may need a little thought!



We have been revising how to create plural nouns in class this week.  I need to ensure the children are secure on this before we move on to look at apostrophes for possession.  I have included a sheet in the pink homework books for some additional practice.  


I would also like the children to read Chapter 3 of 'Beth on the Nile' and answer some online comprehension questions.  This has been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.