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29 September 2002

I have been so impressed by your childrens' attitude to learning this week. On Tuesday, we had a multiplication treasure hunt focussing on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. It was tricky for some children but they kept going for the whole lesson in order to become 'Multiplication Masters'.  I was also impressed that many of those who finished were willing to help their classmates answer the questions and hunt down the clues - real team spirit and a demonstration of our school value of friendship this term.


The children have also been learning about how fossils are created.  We have even tried making our own mould and cast fossil of a shell - we will have to wait until next week to find out how they turn out!


The weekly homework is detailed below and is due by Monday 4 October.  


Many thanks

Mrs Pinkerton



Year 3 have our Harvest Service on Thursday 14 October. I would like the class to perform the poem attached below - Autumn is Here.  Each child will have to learn one verse (which I will tell them on Thursday 30th) plus the final verse.  As part of their homework this week, please could they learn their allocated verses and practise saying them aloud.


This week we have been working on the childrens' ability to quickly recall mathematical facts such as number bonds (eg 20 = 14+6 or 17+3 or 12+8 etc) and times tables. You may hear this referred to as maths fluency. Their recall is improving but it needs to become almost second nature. With this in mind, I am giving the children a break from Mathletics this week but would like them to play a game called Hit the Button (link below) to improve their fluency. When entering the game, please can they select Number Bonds (to 20) and Doubling (multiples of 5 and 10).

We have also started to learn the 3 times tables this week. Ask the children to show you our rhyme on their fingers. I have just set 3s on Times Tables Rock Stars in the garage this week so the children can practice. If they play in the studio, they will have questions on all the tables up to 12.


I have set the children the chapter 3 of the book, The Settlers, on Purple Mash.  The children need to read the text and then answer some multiple choice questions. If they are struggling with the text, you can read it to them and they can answer the questions.



Some of the children have asked to do more work on their spoof webpages on Purple Mash. I have extended the deadline until Monday to give them an opportunity to do any additional work they want.