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24th June


Please finish off any activities that have not yet been completed.

3 additional activities have been set for you under 'To Do'.  

If there are any login issues, please do email us so we can help to to resolve. 


Please practise little and often - this is far more effective than one long session.  Helping your child to USE the spellings in a sentence is extremely helpful.  Children can often spell the words for a test but struggle to apply.

Caterpillar Science

Still image for this video

Look how they've grown!!

Our Chrysalides have formed quickly because it has been so warm the last 10 days!  Here we can see them wiggle and shake - enjoy watching the video together and see if your child can explain the reason to you!! 

This wiggling and shaking is a response to being disturbed.  It is a defence mechanism.  They are trying to scare away predators but it uses valuable energy so we are trying hard not to disturb the pots too much!! Remember to be calm and quiet so they can turn into really beautiful butterflies!! We will keep you posted!! 


Questions to share together:

What are the black dots on the side of the pot? (exoskeleton - they shed their exoskeleton 5 times!)

What is the brown stuff at the bottom? (their food) 

How do they breathe? (the lid has air holes at the top)

What is the web stuff I can see in the video? (webbing - caterpillars spin it to pull leaves around themselves to hide and also to stay on leaves if the wind is strong)

We have discussed all of the above in science this week but it would be great to refresh with another chat!!