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23 March 2022

Hi all,


We have all been enjoying the sun this week. Today, we even managed to spend some time outside quietly reading. There is also a new craze in the class of making their own comic books, with Captain Underpants being the favourite main character! My paper supply is rapidly diminishing but it is wonderful to see them being so creative and sharing their ideas and drawings.


We have also been writing an alternative ending to The Egyptian Cinderella this week. Some fabulous stories have emerged but the children have proven to be quite traditional and the main character, Rhodopis, ultimately marries the pharoah. However, before the happy event she has being kidnapped, stolen all his gold, run away or travelled to Greece to find her long lost family - and in some cases all of the above!


The weekly homework for this week is below. Please note that all the homework is online this week so the pink homework books have not been sent home.


Kind regards

Mrs Pinkerton



We have continued our work on fractions in maths this week.  We have been learning how to calculate a fraction of an amount (both unit fractions like one third and non-unit fractions like two thirds). Next week, we will be introducing a tenth and its decimal equivalent 0.1.  We are also continuing to learn the eight times table.


I have set some tasks on Mathletics to consolidate our classroom learning. I would also encourage the children to spent 10 minutes a day on Times Tables Rockstars.  It really improves the children's fluency for multiplication and division and, if further incentive is required, I can hand out certificates when their rock status improves!




We have introduced the idea of paragraphs this week. For some additional practice, I have set  a 2Do on Purple Mash where the children need to divide up a long piece of text into paragraphs with headings.  For some children, it may help if you read the text to them initially.  I am looking for the children to identify where a new topic, character or event is introduced and group the related sentences into a paragraph.


I would also like the children to read Chapter 2 of 'Beth on the Nile' and answer some online comprehension questions.  This has also been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.