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20th May


Please finish off any activities that have not yet been completed.

3 additional activities have been set for you under 'To Do'.  

If there are any login issues, please do email us so we can help to to resolve. 


 Please practise little and often - this is far more effective than one long session.  Helping your child to USE the spellings in a sentence is extremely helpful.  Children can often spell the words for a test but struggle to apply.


I can eat a whole plant! 

Please try to look through your cupboards to show children that we can actually eat a whole plant! (Sheets attached to demonstrate and support)

Can you think of any other vegetables that are:
Plant roots? Answer: radishes, parsnips, turnips, carrots, red beets
Plant leaves? Answer: spinach, cabbage, lettuce
Plant stems? Answer: asparagus
Plant flowers? Answer: cauliflower
Plant seeds? Answer: soybean seeds, pumpkin seeds, peas


What are some of your favourite plant parts to eat?