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Spelling checks are now every Friday - please spend a few minutes every day practising spelling patterns.  Your child can practise these on Readiwriter (part of the Mathletics website) where they should explore the activities starting at 'motivate' and navigating clockwise. 

Please note- this is a new learning platform for Year 1 and there may well be teething problems.  Please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties.   




Please complete the 3 Mathletics activities set for you online. 


Talking Homework:

Whilst Lockdown continues, please make the most of the opportunities for Autumn walks - we have discussed animals that hibernate in the Autumn this week and had fun in the field tying to make cosy homes for hedgehogs and other animals that might hibernate (can they remember any facts we learnt about animals that hibernate and the reasons for this?!)

So encourage children to think of what animals need (eg shelter, warmth, being out of direct sunlight and wind) and see if they can make a home for a hedgehog in the garden, on a walk or from craft resources around the home! THIS IS ALL OPTIONAL!!