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Thursday Thunk of the Day:


If I lose my memory, would I still be the same person?


Wednesday Thunk of the Day:


If I composed a piece of music but it was never played, would it still be music?


Tuesday Thunk of the Day:


If we moved the entire school, with everyone and everything in it, to another place, would it still be the same school?


Monday Thunk of the Day: 


If you say sorry and don't mean it, but the person you say it to thinks you do, does it count?  

Week of 18th May 2020

Friday 22nd May


Welcome to Friday and the end of another half term.  Once again, I cannot believe how quickly time has passed while we have been home learning and am so proud of the hard work you have been doing.  As next week is half term week, I won't be setting you any tasks or updating the class page daily but it is very exciting that I might be able to see some of you again very soon!  


Whether you are able to come into school or not, learning will continue online on the 1st June and we will continue to stay in touch this way.


If you would like something new for today, have a look in this week's learning folder where I have uploaded some new puzzles for you.  Also, if you would like to watch or share an assembly with your family this week, follow the link below to listen to former England football captain Stuart Pearce talking about resilience - an important value at this challenging time.


Have a lovely Friday Year 6 and an even better week off next week - stay safe, stay well and maybe see you soon!


Mrs Neale 


Thursday 21st May


Good morning Year 6.  Today there is an opportunity to take part in a World Record Attempt at 4pm for the world's largest online art lesson. It is open to people of all ages so your family could take part together if you'd like to.  The event is to help raise money for Covid-19 and you have to register so you may need an adult to help you.  Check out the details this morning at


Have any of you taken part in any of the outdoor activities that were posted yesterday? If so, send me some photos of your work or share them on our class blog.


Have a great Thursday! 

Mrs Neale 


Wednesday 20th May


Happy Wednesday Year 6  It is another beautifully sunny day - did you get outside yesterday? I hope you've been slapping on the suncream; I think you'll need to again today! 


Have another look in this week's learning folder for Harry's Balloons of Kindness that he created and sent to me. Perhaps you could choose a balloon to focus on today?  You will also find a couple of new outdoor activities that you might like to try as the weather is so nice! 


For all you artists out there, have a look at Rob Biddulph's webpage today. He is planning a World Record Attempt tomorrow (Thursday 21st at 4pm) and you could be part of it!



Have a great Wednesday and let me know what you've been up to!


Mrs Neale 


Tuesday 19th May


Good morning Year 6.  Did anyone have thoughts about our 'Thunk of the Day' in this week's folder?  If so, share them on our weekly blog to see whether your friends agree.  There's a new one to think about today!


Check out this link to watch a little video about kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week: 

What acts of kindness did you witness yesterday?  You could do some activities based on this which you will find in the PE and Wellbeing folder.


Have a great Tuesday everyone! 

Mrs Neale 



Monday 18th May




Good morning Year 6 and welcome to another sunny week!  There are a new selection of folders for you to look at with everything you need to take part in this week's lessons.  We've got some slightly different writing challenges through BBC Bitesize and we will be continuing with our Evolution and Adaptation topic this week.


A huge congratulations to you all - you won the The Battle of the Bands against Year 5 but it was close! Have a look in the certificates folder for some of our top scoring teammates and special mentions.


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year's theme is Kindness.  This fits in perfectly with some of the tasks and activities we have been thinking about as a class at home.  If you remember earlier in the year, we launched 'Kindness Buckets' in school and one of the Acts of Kindness challenges from a couple of weeks back was to create a kindness ideas basket for your family to choose from.  If you'd like to find out a little bit more you can check out this link:


I will be talking more about this as the week goes on and will put our Acts of Kindness Challenge back in this week's folder.


I hope you all have a lovely week and can make the most of the beautiful sunshine.

Stay safe, happy and smiling.

Mrs Neale