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16 March 2022

Hi all,


We have had a creative week so far as we have been making brochures to advertise an Egyptian visit and painting our own canopic jars (see attached photo).


Apologies that I forgot to hand out the spellings until yesterday.  We do also practise at school each morning.  The focus this half term is on the Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list (attached).  The words are difficult for many children but, rest assured, it is a list for the whole of lower KS2.  We would hope that the children could spell about 30% by the end of year 3.


The weekly homework for this week is below. 


Kind regards

Mrs Pinkerton


We have continued our work on fractions in maths this week.  We have been learning how about improper fractions (where the top numerator is larger than the bottom denominator) and mixed numbers (with a whole and a fraction), and been converting from an improper fraction to a mixed number.  We have also started looking at how to find a fraction of an amount and exploring the relationship between fractions and division. 


I have set 2 tasks on Mathletics to consolidate our classroom learning and also included a sheet in their homework books (attached for information below).  The sheet may require some adult help to get them started.  They need to divide the total by the smaller number and it will give them the denominator for the fraction.


We have focused this week on improving our sentences by including noun phrases. For example, rather than 'A butterfly landed on my hand', we are adding adjectives to describe the noun in the sentence.  It would become, ' A small, spotted butterfly landed on my outstretched hand.'


For some additional practice, I have included a worksheet in the children's homework book for completion.  This is also attached here for information.


I would also like the children to read Chapter 1 of 'Beth on the Nile' and answer some online comprehension questions.  This has been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.