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15 June 2022

Hi all,


What a busy week we have had already!  On Monday, the children took part in their sporting challenge with Nerys Pearce and listened to her give an extremely motivating speech about her life. On Tuesday, we had a skipping workshop and this morning we had our visit from the author, Kerry Gibb.  They have all been brilliant and I hope the children have come home with lots to tell you.


Next week, we will be starting out final Science topic of the year on Light and will be continuing our Rivers topic by looking at the Thames and its natural and manmade features.


This week there is some English and Maths homework.  It is detailed below and the sheets will be in the pink homework books.  Apologies but I forgot to hand these out today so they will come home tomorrow.


Best regards

Mrs Pinkerton



This week we have been learning about the present perfect tense.  This is the verb form used when an event started in the past but is still true now, or has an effect on what is happening now.  It is formed using has/have (an auxiliary verb) together with the past participle of the relevant verb, for example gone. Example sentences would be 'He has gone to school' or 'It has rained heavily all week'. It is a tricky area of grammar but we have been through it in class.  There is a worksheet for the children in the homework books (also attached for information).


This week we have been learning about turns and angles.  In particular, we have been looking a right angle being equivalent to a quarter turn and learning about turning clockwise or anticlockwise.  There is no Mathletics but I have included a worksheet in the homework books.  If the children find it difficult, they could try drawing the pattern on a small piece of paper and rotating it manually.


I am also attaching a sheet on counting in eights.