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11th November


Please spend about 10 minutes per day on the Addition and Subtraction Tasks assigned.  There is a mix of Quest and fluency questions set.



Spend time on Times Tables Rock Stars in the garage or arena where I have set specific tables for you to practise.  If you want to work on achieving certificates - you will need to go into the Studio Section (but you will have ALL the times tables in there!) 


ENGLISH - The Surprised Mouse - link is below 


Story starter!

Slowly and cautiously, he raised his small, curious face above the ground, just as he did every morning. His shiny, black eyes surveyed the scene in front and around him, checking that the coast was clear for the start of the breakfast expedition.

Suddenly, he saw it…Sitting there right in front of him. His eyes widened, transfixed on the sight he saw in front of him, and his jaw dropped open in astonishment. Was it really there? Were his eyes playing tricks on him?

Abruptly, he awoke, as if he had been caught in a dream. Twitching his whiskers, he realised that he had to act NOW, unless he was to miss his chance…



What do you think the mouse can see in front of him/her? Is it danger or is it something good? Draw what you have imagined on the todo set on purple mash.  Write the next part of the story using the FANTASTICS lens of noticing and feeling with a time adverbial.