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11th March


Please finish off any activities that have not yet been completed.

3 additional activities have been set for you under 'To Do'.  

If there are any login issues, please do email us so we can help to to resolve. 


 Please practise little and often - this is far more effective than one long session.  Helping your child to USE the spellings in a sentence is extremely helpful.  Children can often spell the words for a test but struggle to apply.


We are looking at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We are reading The Tiger who came to Tea and discussing how he would not have chosen to eat the cakes and the sandwiches because he is a carnivore!! For homework, please look at the list below to see if you are a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore and create a craft meal for your chosen animal using the plate, fries box or burger box you have been sent home with! Have fun - you can use anything you choose for this task - drawing, painting, cutting from magazines, foam clay, anything! All of your hard work will be put onto our science display board.