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Meet the Governors

Our constitution provides for 12 Governors that represent different sections of our community:

Parent Governors (2): parents of children at the school and parent elected
Staff Governors (2):
 the Headteacher and one other member of staff elected by the school staff
LA or Authority Governors (1): elected by the Local Authority
Foundation Governors (7): the vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Sunningdale, and elected by the Diocese (2) and elected by the Parochial Church Council (4).

Picture 1 Mrs Aileen Boaler, Chair, Diocesan Foundation
Picture 2 Mr Richard Pelly, Vice Chair, Diocesan Foundation
Picture 3 Mrs Pamela O'Brien, Ex-officio Staff Governor
Picture 4 Revd Jon Hutchinson, Ex-officio PCC Foundation
Picture 5 Mrs Jo Griffith, Staff Governor
Picture 6 Mr Ian Meadows, PCC Foundation Governor
Picture 7 Mrs Stephanie Hynard, PCC Foundation Governor
Picture 8 Mr Peter Grover, PCC Foundation Governor
Picture 9 Mr Tim Fettes, LA Foundation Governor
Picture 10 Mr Barry Aherne, PCC Foundation Governor
Picture 11 Mrs Belle Moss, Parent Governor
Picture 12 Dr Mark Lomax, Parent Governor
Picture 13 Mrs Sue Sleigh, Associate Member
Picture 1