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Investors In Pupils

Investors in Pupils

We have been awarded 'Investors In Pupils' working at proficient level. This recognises the ethos of our school where pupils' voice is central and key to school life and improvement.

What is Investors in Pupils all about?

Investors in Pupils is all about pupil voice and pupil participation in school life.

Investors in Pupils helps pupils find out about their school, the jobs of everyone in it and that the school has a budget. It supports them in setting targets for the class and for themselves whilst recognising the importance of the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in their education, and how they, as pupils, can make a difference

We believe that taking part in the programme will help the children achieve high standards in their education and will equip them with important life skills.

The five areas of Investors in Pupils


Each classroom has individual targets set by the children themselves. These work alongside the Learning Pit reminding children how to solve problems and tackle learning challenges.


The children learn to take responsibility for their behaviour in their lessons and around school. They work together to make the school a pleasant place. The produce their Class Charter at the start of the year agreeing the rules for their class. House points are used as rewards for following our Golden Rules and the winning team receives extra playtime each week.

Classroom Management

Each class has a target which is decided between the children and the teacher. The children are encouraged to make the class a pleasant and safe place to work.


The children understand the importance of good attendance and how it affects their learning. An attendance certificate is given out each term for the best class.


Each class has an induction booklet which is for new members to the class including adults. It contains lots of important information and pictures. We hope this makes new people feel very welcome to the class and to the school as a whole.


Investors in Pupils in action

Investors in Pupils in action 1 Class Charter
Investors in Pupils in action 2 Class Charter
Investors in Pupils in action 3 Class Charter
Investors in Pupils in action 4 Class Charter
Investors in Pupils in action 5 Class Charter
Investors in Pupils in action 6 Class Charter
Investors in Pupils in action 7 School Councillors
Investors in Pupils in action 8 House Captains
Investors in Pupils in action 9 Digital Leaders

Evidence towards achieving Investors in Pupils